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All Ways Learning is a catalyst, leader, guide and enabler in professional development for people managing the arts in the South East of England.

Our programme of activities is designed to support a wide range of situations in which people manage the arts.  For more about us, click here.

an overview of what we can offer you

Our activities, events and services divide into three main categories - professional development, understanding learning, and research. Under these headings on the website you will find full details of all the ways in which you can get involved as well as useful regional resources.

  • find people and groups
  • join conversations
  • read the latest news
  • find forthcoming events
  • find useful resources


professional development

Here you will find events, activities, courses, programmes and services including:

* You can download or request print copies of the Professional Development Planning self-assessment tool

* Your views are being asked for in consultation on Learning Fairs and Learning Sites

* A brokerage service on mentoring, work placements and more is being developed

* The accredited training programme, Essentials of Arts Management, will be recruiting after Easter for the September 05 to March 06 run - booking now open

* Consultation on a new programme called 20:20 vision

  • start conversations
  • ask questions and provide answers
  • work together in groups
  • share your latest news and events
  • share useful resources


* A new programme providing Learning Advisers and Guides

* A glossary of terms in professional development, CPD and learning

* A paper - an overview of arts management, a reading list, and information on job vacancies and job seeking.

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understanding learning

Here you will find information on

* Learning - some thoughts and some practical exercises on what it's all about including how we learn, the idea of learning to learn, and why it is vital now in arts management

* How our brains work, brain friendly learning, multiple intelligences and emotional intelligences

* What is your preferred learning style

* A money-back voucher deal on a learning style questionnaire

* A case study on learning in a University setting

* A reading list on learning

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Here you will find information on current and past research, with reports and results and invitations to join new research programmes:

* Understanding learning - would you like All Ways Learning to come to a meeting of yours with a short interactive session on learning, or run an Adventures in Arts Management session on learning?

* Learning Styles - as well as the money back voucher deal for individuals, we are looking for organisations to join our research

* Collected Wisdom uses thoughtful conversations with experienced people who manage in an arts and cultural setting - and has just produced a book based on interviews with eleven fascinating people and two essays on arts management - Diverse Voices: Personal Journeys

* 2020 vision is a new training programme which is in the consultation and development phase, allowing you an opportunity to influences its contents and style.

* The results of our research into Learning Advisers and Guides are available here

* Maps and models of arts management is asking you to complete a questionnaire and offering the opportunity of joining the research group

* Working together 1: staff and boards is a collaborative enquiry research programme (see glossary) which is asking for people to join the group and contribute their views

* The learning community is looking for people to join three pilot groups, and has a report on LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme)

* Networks and meetings has two reports from the work undertaken so far, and a call for people running peer groups and networks to get in touch

* Under Publications, there is All Ways Learning's first book, Diverse Voices: Personal Journeys, available to buy in printed form, or to download from the site.

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regional resources

This section will have useful information on a whole range of issues related to professional development and arts management. It is still being developed and there are opportunities for you to contribute to this development.  Here you will find:

* Information on venues, trainers, consultants, facilitators

* Information on funding for learning

* Links to Knowledge Services for Arts Management, Arts Professional, and Arts Research Digest

* Links to selected websites covering arts management issues

* Names, descriptions and links to useful arts organisations

* A lexicon, a list of abbreviations, and a glossary of arts management terms.

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