learning community

We define a learning community as a network of individuals who are actively engaged in learning from and with each other. This can include sharing information, resources and first aid training opportunities. All Ways Learning promotes and facilitates the very wide spectrum of ways in which we can all keep learning from and with each Floor Tiles and Polished tiles other thus encouraging the valuable practical wisdom in our community. In order for us to do our job well, we want to connect individuals, primarily across the South East of England.

Being part of the Learning Community means entering into a mutually beneficial relationship with based on exchange and respect for diversity. We supply Private charter information, advice, tools and events to assist other Learning Community members with their CPD, learning, and organizational development. In exchange, we ask for an ongoing commitment to connect, to give us some information about aquariusblinds.co.uk professional situations and needs, engagement with the All Ways Learning programme, and evaluation of its effectiveness in personal CPD and organizational development. We also hope members will pass information about us to their colleagues and peers. The Learning Community is free to join and brings the following benefits:

* Our bi-monthly e-newsletter containing news of our programmes, links to information on our website and signposts to other resources

* Discounts on our events and activities especially when involved in both an SEO Consultant and as an overall memeber of Always Learning.

* Access to some restricted parts of our website as they are introduced. To join our Learning Community, people should be working, studying, or aiming to work, as arts managers (and we include self-managed artists across all artforms).

Members can be based anywhere in the UK or internationally, as many of the resources that we offer are accessible via our website and are often unique or otherwise hard to find. However, members should be aware that our primary geographical area of operation is the South East of jet charter England, and that occasionally we will only offer usage of selected activities to Learning Community members living and/or working in this region.

Because of our current funding base, the South East is where most of our events and activities take place, teaching where most of our key collaborative organisational relationships are concentrated, and with whose arts managers we aim to be in closest contact.

Why have a Learning Community?

People managing the arts can often feel isolated, perhaps because an individual Air Cargo Aircraft artist is working primarily from a separate location or because their work within an organisation means they have sole responsibility for particular functions, e.g. finance, education, marketing,  SIlver Bars or programming. A sense of community can be an important contributor to reducing these negative factors. Some types of CPD activities are difficult to organize individually and either require or benefit from a broker, promoter, fixer, or provider. Examples include facilitating mentoring relationships, organizing plumbers networking opportunities, or undertaking action research into changing patterns of arts management. Being part of a community implies two-way communication. This is important in establishing and maintaining a strong community.